Hi everyone, nice to meet you. My name is Aurélie LE GALL and I am the co-founder of HeLhem beauty, a passionate of natural cosmetics.

The story of the brand HeLHem started with my struggle with acne. I recognized that my body was completely out of balance so I tried to set out to find the best way to heal.

To expand a little more on the creation of the brand, I got home from work one day and began reading or rather deciphering the different labels on products that I used every day on my skin. At that moment, many questions started emerging in my mind…

I began reading the book « The Truth about Cosmetics », and thanks to this book, I have learned a lot about all the ingredients used in the cosmetics industry. I realized how many conventional cosmetics negatively affect our health and our environment. Reading this book and discovering the world of cosmetics has only heightened my passion for the beauty industry, therefore, it was essential to undertake a specific analysis of the numerous ingredients used in cosmetics. I started to study substances, raw materials, fragrances and more thanks to The list INCI « International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredient » It is the standard list of ingredients used for the manufacture of cosmetics. From this moment it was essential for me to know and be able to identify and navigate the jungle of cosmetic ingredients.

So, I rushed into my bathroom and immediately got rid of all these conventional products that no longer suited me. (I did the same for my husband’s!)

Being extremely passionate about beauty and skincare products, I decided to create in 2011 a Youtube channel dedicated to fashion and well-being with a focus on skincare and cosmetics.

Over time, years to be precise, I immersed myself in the world of natural and organic skincare products. I became more and more aware of the damage that conventional cosmetics could cause to the environment and my well-being. My ambition today, is to offer you a range of products, a full ritual, that gives you the best results, that you will love and work for you thanks to luxurious ingredients and formulas straight from nature …



HELHEM, a story, an adventure



The creation of this brad was triggered by the meeting of two very passionate people : Aurélie Legall et Joël Grossman :
- The first one by natural, green beauty
- The other one by entrepreneurship and challenges…

One value brings those two together: Ethics. Respect the environment while providing effective, innovative and healthy care.

After several years of professional experience, we decided to combine our skills to create our brand, HeLhem a subtle alliance between knowledge and know-how.

HeLhem offers a range of luxurious skincare products. Our formulas are hand-made in small quantities to ensure the ultimate freshness to our products without any toxic additives, using only pure, natural and ethical ingredients of the highest quality.

We feel proud to present ourselves, HeLhem, as the first French brand offering Eco-Luxe skincare products made in France.

About our values: Green, natural and non-toxic. HeLhem treatments are made without phthalate, silicone, paraben sulphates, dyes, synthetic perfumes or GMOs.

HeLhem is also an enthusiastic team, a company on a human scale, committed to always offer you the best service.

Developing 100% natural cosmetics made also part of an eco-responsible commitment. HeLhem’s values can be summed up in fundamental pillars:

- 100% natural, 100% non-toxic: No Chemical ingredients, goo, toxins, fillers, artificial colours, synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances

- Eco-responsible commitment: Being green is also one of our principal values. Here in HeLhem we have worked closely on the sourcing of our ingredients but also our packaging. Guided by it, we work hard to ensure our commitment to the environment is a living part of our culture, and consider the environmental factors in our practices. From Recycled glass bottles to local suppliers. Even the tissue paper used in our packaging is made in France from recycled materials and the setting pellets are made from potato starch bought from French farmers.

- French know-how: Each piece is handcrafted, in a laboratory of our region to guarantee the freshness of the entire routine. Innovation and quality are the foundation of each product. The packaging is also developed in a small company near our office, ensuring the highest quality. From start finish.

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